Create App Catalog Site Collection

Set up a development environment for SharePoint Online

  1. Set up Office 365 Tenant
  2. Create App Catalog Site Collection
  3. Create Developer Site Collection


In this post we are going to create step by step our first App Catalog Site collection which will help us to upload our packages to be available in the other sites collections of our Tenant.

Shall we begin !

Go to Office 365 Admin center in the left pane choose Admin Centers accordion then select SharePoint :

Admin Centers

Figure 1 : Office 365 Admin Center.


From SharePoint Admin Center Select apps in the left pane, and then select App Catalog :

App Catalog Choice

Figure 2 : Select App Catalog from SharePoint Admin center.


Select Create a new app catalog site, and then select OK.

App Catalog Site Configuration

Figure 3 : Choice App Catalog creation.


On the Create App Catalog Site Collection page, enter the required information, and then select OK.

App Catalog Site Collection page

Figure 4 : Creation of new App Catalog site.


After you click on Ok you will be redirected to Site collections and you will get your App Catalog site has been added like image bellow :

Figure 3 : Creation of new app catalog site

Figure 5 : App Catalog Site Collection.


This is the Home Page of our App Catalog Site Collection :

App Catalog Home Page

Figure 6 : App Catalog Home Page.


Note : You can have only one App Catalog site collection per SharePoint Online tenant, and only have to create it once.

Next Post :

In the next post i will show you how to create your Developer Site step by step.

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