Set up Office 365 Tenant

Set up a development environment for SharePoint Online


In this series of posts we will walk through step by step of setting up our development environment for SharePoint Online, through the creation of our Office 365 Tenant Subscription and App Catalog then we will create our Developer Site Collection.

Let’s Setting up Our Office 365 Tenant !

In the current post we will setting up our Office 365 Tenant with two ways of subscriptions :

  1. Office 365 E3 Trial Tenant which is valid only for 30 days.
  2. Microsoft Office 365 Developer Program provided by Microsoft which is valid for 1 Year with some others benefits.


    1. Office 365 E3 Trial Tenant : 

Firstly go to google and search for Office 365 Enterprise E3 Trial Subscription then click on the link which is the same in the image below :

Figure 1 : Search link of Office 365 Enterprise E3 Trial subscription


Fill out the form with your information like the image below, then click on Next :

Figure 2 : Office 365 Entreprise E3 Trial subscription Form


Then you need to create your account by providing the user name of your futur account and the domain name then click on Create My account:

Figure 3 : User ID Creation


To confirm creation of our account you need to provide your Number phone to get the confirmation code  :

Figure 4 : Account Confirmation


Fill out the code that you received :

Figure 5 : Account Confirmation


Tennant account creating …

Figure 6 : Creating Office 365 E3 Account


Go to your portal Home page and enjoy with Microsoft services 😊 .

Figure 7 : Office 365 Home Portal


      2. Microsoft Office 365 Developer Program :

  1. Go to this link :
  2. Then click on JOIN DEVELOPER PROGRAM and fill out the form like image below :

Figure 7 : Microsoft Office 365 Developer Program Form


After you click on Finish you will receive a confirmation mail, open it and enjoy 1 year Office 365 Tenant Account 🙂


Next Post :

After setting up our Office 365 Tenant (Trial Teanant and 1 year subscription) we will create our Developer Site where we will install and test our applications.


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